Steve Douglas CBE steps down from his position as Group CEO

In these difficult times many clients in affordable housing, health, education and community work are continuing to provide essential services whilst striving to keep both their customers and staff safe. Aquila too is a people business, and the well-being of clients and employees is the highest priority.

Our boards and executives have put in place resources and strategies for the coming months to ensure commitments to clients can continue within the necessary restrictions required to halt the spread of COVID-19.

Like many businesses at this time, Aquila needs to reduce costs to match projected revenues and preserve reserves given the uncertainty over when ‘normality’ might return. As far as possible this has been done to minimize the impact on operational capacity, which will allow the Group to return to its growth path once the crisis has abated. Aquila is now able to reassure all our clients and staff that we have sufficient finances and other resources in place to ensure continuity of the business.

As part of the reorganisation, Steve Douglas CBE is stepping down from his position as Group Chief Executive Officer at Aquila Services Group plc. He joined Altair in 2011 as a director responsible for a team working with affordable housing providers; and Steve has been a key person involved in obtaining Aquila’s stock market quote and leading the successful acquisition and growth strategy.

Steve Douglas CBE said “It has been a pleasure working with our many clients over the years. I’m proud to have led Aquila during our successful growth, and I know that our incredibly professional and committed team of consultants will continue to provide the quality of services that our clients have come to expect of us. I wish the Aquila Group all the best for the future, particularly during this tough time for us all”.

Fiona Underwood, CEO of Altair and a founding director alongside Steve, commented: “It has been a pleasure working with Steve over the past nine and a half years building the Altair brand into what it is today, a leading force and influencer in the housing sector. I wish him all the best for the future”.

Aquila’s Chair, Derek Joseph, who will temporarily assume the responsibilities of an executive chair until the crisis has abated, expressed his gratitude:  “To the good wishes of all our board, executive and staff I want to add my personal thanks for Steve’s contribution to the group and its growth to date. Steve is a leader in the affordable housing sector, particularly on increasing diversity, and I am sure he will continue to be a major influence”.

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