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Aquila Services Group is a multinational plc helping socially focused organisations develop responses to a changing world and make a positive difference to the communities in which they work. We work with clients across housing and regeneration, sport and education, charity and government sectors.

Board of Directors

Derek Joseph


Derek is Chair of the Board of Aquila Services Group plc. He possesses a wealth of housing sector experience: prior to joining Altair, he was co-founder and Managing Director of HACAS Group plc, a successful quoted social housing consultancy that became a major subsidiary within Tribal Group, where he was Executive Director of Treasury Services. During his career, Derek has advised and project- managed for European governments and cities, UK government departments, local authorities, housing associations, commercial property companies, investors and financial institutions, in addition to structuring joint ventures for numerous organisations. He has also worked as both editor and guest editor of Social Housing Magazine. Derek now divides his time between several senior roles across multiple organisations and is a consultant on a number of major funding projects for affordable housing.

F Underwood

Dr Fiona Underwood

Chief Executive, Altair

Fiona’s experience is in building and running consultancy businesses, having previously led a large consulting business within a listed company. She is one of the founding directors of Altair and continues to work with clients across the housing sector. She is experienced in mergers and acquisitions and corporate governance, both in the private and the not-for-profit sector.

As Chief Executive of Altair and Group Company Secretary, Fiona is a member of the Aquila Services Group Board and the Group Executive.

For a more detailed biography please see Fiona’s profile on the Altair site.

Claire Banks

Group Finance Director

Claire is a Fellow Chartered Accountant and has significant accounting, finance and corporate experience within the consulting sector. She managers the accounting and corporate functions within the Group. Claire is also registered with the FCA and is the Compliance officer for Aquila Treasury and Finance Solutions Ltd.

John Richard Wollenberg

Non-Executive Director

Mr Wollenberg is Chairman and Chief Executive of the Cardiff Property PLC, a quoted property investment and development company. Since his appointment in 1981 he has substantially increased the asset base of the company. Over the past 25 years he has been actively involved in numerous corporate acquisitions, mergers and capital reorganisations of public and private companies, very many of which were in the services sector. Between 1981 and 1996 he was an investment consultant with Brown Shipley Stockbroking Ltd. Mr Wollenberg has considerable experience and an excellent track record of admitting investment vehicles to the market and then negotiating successful Reverse Takeovers by them.

In 2015, as Chairman of General Industries Plc a cost shell, he negotiated the reverse acquisition of Altair which after two acquisitions was renamed Aquila Services Group Plc. He is a non executive Director of Aquila Group and a large shareholder.

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+44 20 7934 0175

Corporate governance

The Board of Directors adopted the Quoted Companies Alliance Corporate Governance Code (QCA Code) in April 2021 as it is more in line with the size and nature of the Company and its subsidiaries (“the Group”).  The board continues to further develop the compliance around the code to: Deliver growth, maintain a dynamic management framework, and build trust.

Deliver growth

Shareholder engagement: Contact with shareholders is principally maintained by the executive and non-executive directors.  The Company engages with shareholders through:

Stock Exchange announcements: As the Company is on the London Stock Exchange (LSE ) all announcements are through the regulatory news service (RNS).

AGM: Notification of the AGM is sent to shareholders with the annual report.  Directors are available at the meeting to answer questions.

Informal meetings with investors: The company also obtains feedback from shareholders through informal meetings with the executive directors, non-executive directors and shareholders.

Other Stakeholder engagement: The Board obtains regular feedback from both employees, clients and regulators.

The Board meets regularly with senior staff throughout the year to discuss areas of operational performance, trading outlook and growth opportunities. 

The company engage with employees via, regular staff surveys, the regular use of different media forums to inform and listen, attendance at staff conferences, regular webinar updates and communications.

Customer satisfaction surveys are sent out regularly to engage with clients, ensuring the business needs are met and are the Group is well placed to meet future demands.

Maintain a dynamic management framework

Board composition, succession and evaluation: The work of board composition, succession and evaluation is undertaken by the nominations committee.

During the year 2021-22 the Board intend to review the composition of the Board which will include an evaluation and a plan for succession.

The Board meets at least six times each financial year with additional meetings when circumstances and urgent business dictate. At each meeting the Board reviews a schedule of matters reserved for the board.

The Group board have primary responsibility for the following:

  • Providing leadership for the Group
  • Overseeing the overall strategic development of the Group and approving the strategy to achieve the Group’s strategic aims
  • Setting the Group’s values and standards
  • Ensuring effective governance and risk management and that the Group’s businesses act ethically and that obligations to Shareholders are understood and met
  • Delegating the management of the day-to-day operation of the business to the subsidiary boards

Build trust

Building trust with all stakeholders is essential for the Group.  This is developed through the methods shown above.

Details of all AGM notices and votes are detailed within the annual reports.


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Investor information

Please click here for the latest updates on our next AGM on 28th July 2021 at 3pm.

Country of incorporation and main country of operation

Aquila Services Group Plc is incorporated in England and Wales and this is its main country of operations.

Number of securities in issue

As at 23rd June 2021 Aquila has 39,961,955 ordinary shares of 5p each in issue.

Details of any restrictions

There are no restrictions on the transfer of the Company’s securities.

Other exchanges or trading platforms

Aquila Services Group Plc is listed on the London Stock Market. The trading symbol is AQSG.L. Aquila only trades on the London Stock Exchange.

Company advisors

Beaumont Cornish Limited
Building 3, Chiswick Park
566 Chiswick High Road
W4 5YA
Tel: 0207 628 3396
Fax: 0207 628 3393

Significant Shareholders to be listed (all >3% holders)Percentage of voting rightsNature of holding
Richard Wollenberg*11.42%Direct
Derek Joseph8.87%Direct
Chris Wood7.96%Direct
Fiona Underwood8.71%Direct
Susan Kane8.21%Direct
Steven Douglas7.29%Direct
Jeffrey Zitron7.00%Direct
Hannah Breitschadel3.27%Direct
Mark Walker3.24%Direct
Matt Carroll3.20%Direct
Adam Walker3.12%Direct
*includes shares held by immediate family members of Richard Wollenberg
**includes shares held by persons closely associated with Fiona Underwood