A day in the life of a Director at ATFS

The day starts with checking any updates on the various streams of payment or banking news we receive. Investment and options within payments are changing fast and we need to be aware of these changes for our clients to make sure the advice we offer is the best in class.

Depending on the current workload we will start the plan for the day. We have several tenders or reports always on the go and need to ensure timescales are being met at the various stages for our clients. The current projects we are completing are on incoming payments, outgoing payments, payment strategy, banking tenders and helping clients understand the best options available to them within the market. A normal day will see us completing reports to make sure the client is getting best value for money, arranging presentations and meetings to understand what our clients are looking to achieve from the assistance we provide.

We have calls with financial institutions to update us on the current position and plans they are working towards. This gives a chance to feedback what we are seeing with our client needs and how they can assist in improving current services or products to make sure the client is achieving the best possible result. This gives us ideas and input into our monthly bulletins, which we forward to over 200 various businesses and institutions, this helps give an idea of payment or banking movements with a view into any future changes they should be aware of. Now we are seeing more face-to-face meetings, which is great after so much time meeting people virtually, and we look forward to this becoming the norm again.

Every day at ATFS is different and that is an exciting part of our work, the fast pace of payments means what was relevant a couple of years ago has now moved on. The value we bring to our clients can see cost savings against existing payment methods, improving the administration time spent on managing the payment streams and understanding what the best strategy for the client is and the benefits to the payees. The payments world never stands still and having independent advice and understanding of the best way forward has benefitted many clients over the years. If that be in the form of assisting with a tender process or completing a report on whether an existing payment strategy is efficient.

Carl Fleet, Director at ATFS

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