Asset Core

Bernicia sign up to a license agreement with AssetCore

Bernicia is one of North East England’s most successful providers and builders of quality affordable homes, accommodating a wide range of people’s needs.

It manages more than 14,000 properties across the North East and has just launched its ambitious new five-year corporate strategy investing £190m into new and existing homes and communities.

Bernicia recognises that identifying and managing available, unencumbered security is key for the business. The implementation of AssetCore will provide Bernicia with robust treasury and security information, ensuring that the group’s assets are leveraged as effectively as possible to underpin delivery of its plans.

Janette Longstaff, Director of Finance at Bernicia, said: “AssetCore will provide improved visibility of the legal and financial interest Bernicia has in its asset portfolio. This, combined with the ability to share datasets and documents with selected third parties, will allow us to adopt a more efficient approach to property charging and valuation exercises.”

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