AssetCore is a collaborative system intended to be a single source of data for asset-related transactions in the social housing sector. AssetCore clients obtain immediate visibility of the various legal and financial interests in their asset portfolio. They are quickly able to share accurate information and documents with stakeholders and service providers. This helps increase liquidity, reduce risk and cost - and reduce time to transact. AssetCore is a cloud-based solution to which all significant service providers have signed up. It is available to Housing Associations at a standard price which scales by the number of units. AssetCore is a small, friendly software company in Clerkenwell. If you are in the sector and think we sound interesting, drop us a line. We don’t bite.

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Property data pertinent to treasury transactions is usually held in a collection of spreadsheets and emailed back and forth between funders, valuers, solicitors and trustees.  Delay, error, cost and argument are commonplace.  AssetCore offers a way to keep control of your timeframe, quality, budget and temper. It’s analytical, reporting and compliance tools mean you stay on top of your unencumbered pool and your relationship with trustees, lenders, valuers – and your Board.

Leading housing group London & Quadrant owning and managing over 70,000 properties have processed a number of property related “live” transactions using AssetCore’s loan security and asset information tool. In February 2018, L&Q completed their second £500m bond issue. Working with a security portfolio of several thousand properties and related documents, the L&Q team had to share, reconcile and work on their data with key service providers and stakeholders. AssetCore’s ‘live’ information sharing capabilities enabled the team to provide direct access to the latest information with the legal, trustee and valuation teams involved. Inbuilt data validation performed checks on data logic to maintain integrity throughout the transaction. AssetCore’s reporting area provided all those involved with powerful data querying and historical reporting to analyse and manage information at each stage of the process. As a sector tool, dedicated to the storage and management of asset related information, AssetCore’s system development is driven by sector needs.

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