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Aquila Services Group – Commitment to tackling climate change

Making a better, more sustainable and socially responsible world

Aquila Services Group (Aquila) has today announced its commitment to become carbon neutral.

Aquila is a 90 strong multinational consultancy group, working across a range of socially minded sectors, and with a core purpose of Making a better, more sustainable and socially responsible world. The announcement marks the first key step that Aquila (and its Group companies – Altair, ATFS and Oaks) will take in seeking to become carbon neutral by both reducing and offsetting its carbon emissions.

To achieve this commitment Aquila is setting up an employee led ‘Green Group’ which will take responsibility for driving the agenda forward, and focus on areas such as:

  • Mapping the Group’s existing impact on the environment and seek initiatives to reduce and offset that impact
  • Developing and agreeing a monitored plan and timescales, within the next 3 months, for becoming carbon neutral
  • Working to review and promote sustainability within its own supply chain

In addition to work completed to become a carbon neutral and climate conscious organisation, we will also be ensuring that we develop our services to provide support to clients in achieving similar objectives. Our work will be visible, and we will provide regular reports and updates on progress to investors, shareholders and clients.  

Michael Appleby – Markets and Growth Director says:

“The evidence is clear that climate change is having a significant impact on communities across the world. Developing a more sustainable and socially responsible world is core to our purpose of our organisation. Aquila is a climate conscious consultancy and we recognise that along with others it is our responsibility to make a positive impact. This includes identifying initiatives to mitigate our own impact on the environment, but also by acting as a leader with our clients and in the sectors in which we work to drive positive change.”

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