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Making Aquila Carbon Positive

The ‘Aquila Green Group’ is an employee led group, with representation from across Aquila and responsibility for driving Aquila’s approach to become a carbon neutral and climate conscious organisation. 

What does the Green Group do?

With the overall objective of the group being to reduce our environmental impact and enable Aquila to become a carbon neutral organisation, it is our responsibility to identify and develop initiatives to mitigate our impact on the environment. We are also responsible for promoting these initiatives amongst colleagues, helping develop Aquila as an attractive employer; and are held accountable to the boards of Aquila and each of the subsidiaries for achieving our objectives.

To view the Aquila Green Group Terms of Reference, please click here.

The Green Group’s ambition is to go further than the initial scope of becoming a carbon neutral organisation, and to drive other initiatives around climate change and sustainability.

What did our employee survey tell us?

To kick off Aquila becoming carbon neutral, we asked all employees to complete this anonymous survey in July 2020. The objectives of the survey were to understand how employees view Aquila in terms of sustainability and what changes group employees would like to see, as well as what they would like from the Green Group.

The good news is our employees are very committed to helping Aquila become carbon neutral, and would like more information and guidance on how to do this. This is something that will be a key focus of the Green Group.

Click here to view the key findings of our employee survey.

Click here to see what our impact is and what changes you can make.

Who is in the Green Group?

Next steps on the journey to carbon zero

The Green Group is currently in the final stage of mapping our carbon footprint, having gathered lots of data from the last year of our activities. Once we understand the status quo, we will work to set targets for offsetting and reduction, and lead on several initiatives across the group in order to achieve them.

We will keep you updated on how we get on.

Aquila Green Group

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