Aquila Services Group plc (“Aquila” or the “Company”) Result of Annual General Meeting (“AGM”)

The Board of Aquila is pleased to announce that at the Company’s AGM held earlier today, all resolutions tabled were duly passed. Board reorganisation Aquila Services Group plc has appointed Derek Joseph, an existing non-executive director, as its Chairman. He replaces Jeff Zitron who remains a non-executive director. For further information please visit or

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Unaudited Interim Results for the six months ended 30 September 2016

Aquila Services Group plc (‘‘the Company’’), previously General Industries plc, is the holding company for Altair Consultancy & Advisory Services Ltd (‘‘Altair’’) and Murja Ltd (“Murja”) which form the Group (‘‘the Group’’). The Group’s particular expertise is in the provision, financing and management of affordable housing by housing associations, local authorities, government agencies and other

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Result of AGM

General Industries plc, a company formed to acquire and operate growing businesses in the services sector, announces that all resolutions, with the exception of number 6 as mentioned below, were duly passed. The resolutions included approval of a change of name of the company to Aquila Services Group plc. Resolution 6, which related to the

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