A day in the life of Principal Consultant at Altair

My role is Principal Consultant, I’ve been working for Altair for nearly a year now following 15 years working in the social housing sector in a variety of roles. The reason I chose to change to work for Altair was that this role can have a significant impact on the relationship that housing providers have with their tenants and the overall quality of the housing sector’s offer.

At Altair, I lead our consumer regulation and tenant voice offer and I started in this role to support organisations that are grappling with the future changes in regulation and finding the best ways to listen to their tenants more effectively.

One day I may be assessing an organisation’s compliance with current consumer regulation and on another, I may be working with an executive team to future-proof their organisation for future, proactive consumer regulation.

To stay up to date on regulatory changes, I spend a lot of my time understanding future consumer requirements and where the sector needs to improve through housing ombudsman, and legal and regulatory documents.

I’m particularly honoured to be leading on Altair’s work in bringing equality, diversity, and inclusion together with tenant voice, which is a unique opportunity to understand the relationship between the two topics and how by bringing the two together, the sector can improve culture, its relationship with tenants and final service offer.

I really do enjoy the variety of my role, I work with an array of colleagues, clients and tenants and feel particularly lucky to be able to meet so many people who are as passionate about the housing sector as much as I am.

Anne-Marie Bancroft, Principal Consultant at Altair

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