A day in the life of an Account Manager at Oaks

Every day at Oaks is exciting because every day brings with it new opportunities. The range of organisations we work with and the variety of projects we work on with them means that you are constantly encouraged to develop the ability to wear multiple different hats and solve distinct problems simultaneously day to day. Practically, this results in furthering your experience and skills across a diverse set of sectors and subject areas, which in turn constantly reveals the fundamentals that are needed on any piece of work.

My work as Account Manager at Oaks focuses primarily on strategic planning, but I have been and continue to be involved in several income generation projects as well – although the two often overlap. Day to day, I might spend a morning working with an international sports organisation, and then the afternoon with a local multi-academy trust. Consistently having organisations of different sizes and focuses within your remit helps foster a well-rounded view of strategy. That said, while different projects highlight fundamentals, the true challenge comes from the fact that no two organisations ever have the same context; be that through governance, geography, aspirations, or any other element that makes each new project a new puzzle.

In combination with the work itself, what makes being an Account Manager at Oaks truly special is the balance between guidance and responsibility. The organisation and project teams are structured in a way that maximises your ability to take on responsibility in terms of project management and delivery, while also always involving senior members of staff to offer direction and support. Ultimately, this has proven to be a great recipe for individual learning and growth.

While project work makes up the majority of my day-to-day activities, this can also sometimes make it easy to miss the forest through the trees. Oaks is proactive in tackling this through a carefully constructed line-management system, including regular reviews of performance against individual objectives and how these are feeding into wider organisational objectives. In this way, Oaks encourages and expects you to challenge yourself and strive for excellence while recognising and addressing the fact that this can be done more efficiently when the team is well organised and supported.

Nabil Ould-Dada, Account Manager at Oaks Consultancy

Nabil Ould-Dada, Account Manager

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