A day in the life of Head of Account Management at Oaks

No two days are the same at Oaks. That may sound clichéd, but it really is a testament the development of the company and the diversity of our clients that there is no set, “typical” working day. In the past 18 months in particular, we have worked hard to broaden the skills and experience of each individual team member so they can deliver or support multiple client-facing projects across our different strands of work: ‘Strategy’, ‘Business Planning’ or ‘Implementation’. Although we have team members with differing specialisms, what this means is that one day I could be supporting a client on an application for grant funding (‘Implementation’) and the next day I could be facilitating a workshop about how a client could better utilise their assets to supplement their income (‘Business Planning’). When you throw in managing a team of colleagues also delivering such client-facing work (which I do in my role as Head of Account Management) and an array of other internal projects such as delivering team training or filming funding webinars, you can start to see why there is no “typical” working day.

However, it is exactly this, and the people I work with, which is why Oaks is a great place to work. Under the umbrella of “income generation”, trust and foundation grant funding has predominantly been my focus area since I joined just over four years ago. In that time, the way we have worked with clients has evolved massively and it will continue to evolve because, much like the working days, no two clients are ever the same either. That said, supporting clients with grant funding often entails researching the sector for funding opportunities, planning projects, developing short and long-term fundraising plans and writing applications – plus everything in-between these. As I say, each client is different and the work we can do for clients is impacted by their governance, mission, geography, track record etc. All this really means, though, is every client is a new opportunity to keep learning and developing.

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