Leading provider of specialist digital and technology consultancy to the UK social housing and care sectors. A partner in digital business transformation. 3C services can be found on both G-Cloud and the DOS4 (Digital Outcomes and Specialists) frameworks. These services include: digital business transformation support; interim IT/Transformation Director services; development of digital business visions; ICT strategy support; business case development; procurement and selection services; system implementation support; data strategy, quality and migration services, programme/project management, Microsoft 365 and SharePoint implementation services and quality assurance support.

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Our Purpose

3C Consultants assist organisations to address the ever-increasing demands to deliver improved services at a lower cost by best utilising technology to fundamentally improve the effectiveness of the organisation. 3C’s purpose is to “Empower people to deliver social value” through the best use of technology and digital/online solutions. 3C offer a complete suite of comprehensive assistance, designed to understand the pain points within an organisation and identify solutions that will support staff in delivering excellent services to customers, recognising that the customer’s experience is at the heart of everything you do.

Case Study

Rochdale Borough wide Housing (RBH) needed a stronger focus on customer and business information. Business Intelligence (BI) software had been purchased to improve performance reporting on service improvement but implementing the software had been slow and performance reporting was still laborious. Altair and 3C’s expert consultants began by performing a health check of the Business Intelligence Function and assessed the ‘whole system’ to measure other impacts on the BI. This was done through group workshops with staff, stakeholders and customers. Using the findings they produced a BI strategy which included specialist guidance on data warehousing and immediate priorities for people and processes. The project enabled RBH to define the ‘Purpose’ and ‘Vision’ of the BI function, and established a clear plan to deliver ‘one version of the truth’ from which ‘actionable intelligence’ is readily available on a self-serve basis to continually improve services. RBH people, processes and technology were also aligned to help deliver transformational change; and evidence-based decision making became engrained in the culture of the business which improved reporting accuracy, accountability, and also effectiveness.

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