Aquila Services Group

Aquila is a group of consultancies making a real difference to communities, housing, regeneration and people’s lives in the UK and beyond.

  • A multi-disciplinary consultancy
  • Working internationally and in a range of socially focused sectors
  • Fast growth in existing and new activities
  • Respected as thought leaders and experts in our professional fields
  • Constantly innovating and seeking new ways to work

The company started trading in 2015, following the acquisition of two subsidiary companies, Altair Consultancy and Advisory Group Ltd and ATFS Ltd, two growing unquoted companies wishing to seek capital for the expansion of their businesses and a public market for their shares. 

The Aquila Group is made up of the following companies:

Altair Consultancy and Advisory Services Limited is a specialist management consultancy providing professional services to local authorities, housing associations, charities, property companies, regulators and government departments.  It advises on all aspects of the development and management of affordable housing for rent and sale, and on the effective management of organisations operating in this sector.

Altair was the company’s first acquisition, achieved by a reverse takeover in August 2015, before which the company had not traded. 

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Aquila Treasury & Finance Solutions Limited (ATFS) is a specialist treasury management consultancy authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  It advises local authorities, housing associations, higher and further education institutions and other bodies on their capital funding requirements and supports them in securing debt finance.  ATFS was the company’s second acquisition which was completed in December 2015. Murja, which rebranded to become ATFS in November 2017, was the company’s second acquisition completed in December 2015.

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Oaks has a unique market position and established track record in education and sport related consultancy, and in the last few years has grown its core client base which includes the community and voluntary sector, local authorities, membership organisations, and socially-minded private sector organisations.

The services Oaks provides focuses on three core areas; strategy, business planning and income generation and cover business development components such as:
– Organisational strategy
– Income diversification and growth
– Governance review and advice
– Sustainability planning
– Monitoring and evaluation
– Training and mentoring

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Aquila Group Services also invests in:

A leading provider of specialist IT Consultants to the Social Housing Sector.

An industry wide collaborative solution for the storage, analysis and share of data and documents for all asset related transactions and processes, provided as a secure web-based information tool.