EDI at Aquila

Why Diversity Matters?

Improving diversity, equality and inclusion at Aquila has multiple benefits to the Group, its subsidiaries and improves the experiences we have as individuals at work.  

Diversity is something that we as an organisation can challenge and improve with easily quantifiable statistics to track progress.  

Equality and inclusion are cultural changes which are more difficult to quantify but they sit alongside diversity and must be aligned and monitored too. Without equality and inclusion, diverse staff will continue to feel overlooked.  

Recent research demonstrates that workplace diversity can improve company morale, strengthen employee loyalty, attract quality talent, foster a sense of community, and boost business public relations. Even more impressive, economic experts posit that increased workplace diversity may earn companies’ greater profits. (See the statistics in appendix 1). 

Higher rates of workplace diversity can help companies evolve, innovate, problem-solve, and be more efficient. Supporting diverse employees in the workplace leads to higher rates of employee engagement and lower rates of employee turnover. And in contrast, companies who fail to diversity may suffer PR consequences, as well as higher employee turnover.  

As well as employees at Aquila building and being part of the best teams with the best ideas, it is important to reflect and represent the society in which we live in, and to be organisation that all individuals would like to work for.  

It is important that every individual at Aquila feels equal and included and sees a path of progression ahead of themselves, with role models they can relate to at all levels. This has a positive impact on motivation and success. 

Workplace diversity is a win for everyone — happier employees, better teams, improved performance and more. In short, it matters!  

Aquila’s Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Group has been created as an employee-led group with representation from across Aquila. Its purpose is to drive the EDI agenda across subsidiaries including by: developing frameworks and raising awareness for the implementation of a range of initiatives to foster a culture of equality, diversity and inclusion at Aquila and to providing a voice for staff at Group Board level. To read the EDI Group’s Terms of Reference, please click here.

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