A day in the life of a Consultant at Altair

Every day, I work to ensure our clients have the information and advice they need to provide the most important things for people — places to live, grow, build communities, and succeed. And I have the pleasure of working alongside a team of industry experts with the first-hand knowledge and experience necessary to make good ideas work in practice despite vast and growing social, economic and fiscal challenges.

I studied public policy, where I learned that evidence should drive decision-making, and that well-informed policies consider a range of factors, including costs, benefits and interactions. At Altair, I employ these principles in my policy and options analysis work, ensuring that clients are well-briefed when faced with key decisions.

I work on a wide range of international and domestic projects and for a variety of clients, including governments and local authorities, affordable housing providers, charities, NGOs and consortiums. This vibrancy and diversity of the work at Altair drives dynamism and innovation.

A day in the life for a consultant at Altair is never the same. One day I may be presenting research to a policy development board, and the next may be spent conducting focus groups with policy beneficiaries. And of course, sometimes I spend my days analysing the latest sector publications, regulatory documents and data releases – all so our clients don’t have to!

When applying for this job, I wanted to know my work would make a positive difference to the world around me. And two years on, Altair and the Aquila Group have provided me with the platform to do just this.

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